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Anonymous inquired:
   hey would you mind recomend me mpreg!louis fics? and also chaptered-one shot fics that have harry!top in it? because I'm tired of people thinking tha louis tops, i mean srsly. even girls want to fuck that bumxx PLEASE! I NEED THOSE!   

Haha, okay my dear.x


Uncommon Sanction

United Fronts (Sequel to U.S.)

All In 

I’ve Got You Babe

18 & Pregnant

Maybe the Unexpected isn’t so Bad

Whisper it Softly, I’m Yours

Paint You By Numbers

That’s all I can think of at the moment… However, THIS is an mpreg blog, and the storyline is very much like a fanfiction.

And as for bottom!Louis, there are a TON. But, here are some of my favorites…

Smaller Than Me

Stick Your Heart Inside My Chest, Keep it Warm Here While We Rest

The Awkward and Immoral Times of Louis Tomlinson the Hermit AND The Wicked and Plotting Times of Harry Styles the Badboy (HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK THIS IS HOT)

Club Cuca

Dark (Larry Version)

Simply Bitten


Also, you can check larrystylinsmut.com/tagged/harrytop (I think?). And anything on here is bottom!Louis.

Love you :)



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